Boundary Change Guidelines: (Discussed by Board of Education on August 15th)

The following items are general guidelines that should be used for creating attendance zones.  These are not prioritized in any way and some may be in direct contradiction of each other.  Boundary options developed by the committee will be compared and evaluated based on these principles.

  • Allow for future growth (short term and long term anticipated construction within the community).
  • Minimize student transportation and bus travel time.
    Avoid driving past multiple schools to get to the zoned school, where possible.
  • Promote safe and reasonable walking zones to encourage healthier students.
  • Utilize geographical boundaries (major roads, subdivisions, lakes, rivers, etc.), where possible.
  • Assign entire neighborhoods to the same schools, where possible.
  • Minimize the number of repeated attendance area changes for a particular student.
  • Ensure capacity for Pre-K programs at all schools.
  • Maintain diverse student populations (Race/Ethnicity, socio economic, special needs), where possible.
  • Alignment of elementary, middle, and senior high school attendance areas as much as possible (Feeder Patterns).