Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will any changes be implemented?

A: Any changes recommended by the Superintendent would be effective as of the 2017-18 school year.

Q:  How can I share my comments and concerns?

A:  There will be a large community meeting where boundary options will be presented to the community for feedback.  All feedback will be compiled into a report and reviewed by the steering committee.

Q: What was the outcome of the last plan (winter/spring 2016)?

A: Based on the amount of feedback from the community, the board decided to have a larger, more inclusive process in the fall of 2016.

Q: Is this a continuation of the last plan (winter/spring 2016)?

A: No, this is a completely new process. The committee is free to consider any of the previously developed options in discussion or create completely new ones.

Q: How is projected growth going to be taken into account in this plan?

A: The district has enrollment projections by school for the next 10 years that will be used as a resource for this plan.  Additionally, planned and approved housing unit counts will be considered, this information will be collected from various planning agencies and updated throughout the process.

Q: Will this committee consider alternatives other than changing boundaries?

A: Alternative options such as grade configuration changes may be considered, however, based on the overall capacity of the district, any options that expand capacity will not be considered.

Q: Will this plan only focus on elementary schools or will middle schools be considered as well?

A: Middle schools may come into discussion as far as feeder alignment goes. Ideally, each elementary school would feed entirely to one middle school, but this may not be possible due to the capacity of the facilities and the location of the students.

Q: Will walking eligibility be taken into account?

A: We will be working closely with the transportation department to ensure that transportation efficiency is taken into account.

Q: What efforts will the district make to get the word out about participating on the steering committee?

A: There is currently a link on the main district webpage to this project website along with a link to the application. The district will also push to school notifications via social media and school messenger. Messages will also be posted on school marquees to inform those community members that do not have any direct association with the district.

Q: Who has the final say on the boundary changes?

A: The recommendation would be given to the superintendent to present to the board for their final approval.

Q: How can a school district change the district boundary in the state of Ohio?