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Huntsville City Schools, Huntsville, AL

Educational Specifications
DeJONG-RICHTER is in the process of developing PK-5, PK-8, and 9th Grade Center Educational Speciications for Huntsville City Schools.  DeJONG-RICHTER is also developing an analytical tool that can help track and identify trouble spots throughout the buildings so that passive security measures can be more effectively integrated into the Educational Specifications and eventually the builiding design.

Fort Wayne Community Schools, Fort Wayne, IN

Demographics Study
DeJONG-RICHTER has developed a enrollment study projecting 10 years of enrollment for each school.  This is a difficult process due to the inception of a statewide school voucher program that allows students to attend priviate and parochial schools using public school dollars.  DeJONG-RICHTER will be assisting the district in developing strategies to retain market share. 

Anchorage School District, Anchorage, AK

Educational Adequacy Assessments
Over the last two years, DeJONG-RICHTER has assessed all of the schools in the Anchorage School District.  Tools were developed using tablet computers to evaluate how well each of the facilities adapt to the current educational specifications.

Duval Public Schools, Jacksonville FL

DeJONG-RICHTER is the Planner of Record for Duval County Public Schools.  Currently DeJONG-RICHTER is in the process of updating 10-year enrollment projections for all schools.   

Beverly Hills Unified School District, Beverly Hills, CA

Long Range Facility Master Plan
DeJONG-RICHTER has been hired to perform a Long Range Facility Master Plan for the Beverly Hills Unified School District. Like may other school districts in California, BHUSD faces some of the same issues of aging facilities and shifting demographics. The plan will include the development of Educational Framework, Educational Specifications, Educational Adequacy Assessments, Enrollment Projections, GIS Analysis, and Community Engagement.

Click here to visit the BHUSD Project Website

School District of Philadelphia, Philadelpha, PA

SDP: Long Range Facility Plan
In collaboration with URS Corporation, McKissick & Associates, Magellan K-12 Consulting, and Portfolio Group; DeJONG-RICHTER is assisting the District in creating a plan for more efficient use of facilities that better align demographics and curriculum.  The School District of Philadelphia, like many urban districts across the country has experienced loss of enrollment in some regions and experienced tremendous growth in others.  The long range facilities planning process will review current and future enrollment/population trends and align this with programmatic and facility data that will lead to more efficient use of educational facilities in the District.  This process will potentially engage thousands of community members in the City of Philadelphia.

Campbell County, VA

Campbell County Publick Schools: Facility Master Plan
DeJONG-RICHTER once again teamed with HBA Architects to develop a long range master plan for CCPS.  This project included educational addequacy and condition assessments as well as community engagement throught the process.  GIS was used extensively to address demographic shifting in this rural school district.  The final report will be presented to the board of education in early 2011.

Cllick here to visit the Campbell County Project Website

Ohio School Facilities Commission, Columbus OH

Superintendent Community Use Survey:
The recently enacted budget bill (House Bill 1) includes a provision directing the Ohio School Facilities Commission to survey districts on how spaces within their school facilities are used for activities, services, and programs shared between schools and other public and private entities in their communities.  As a participant in one of the OSFC programs, OSFC is asking that Superintendents take part in an online survey of community use of school facilities.  The information will be used to assist OSFC in recommending best practices for enhancing opportunities for including shared community spaces in future projects.  The OSFC is looking for descriptions of how district facilities are used by the community, district success stories, districts’ words of caution and suggestions.  DeJONG-RICHTER is hosting the survey and DEJONG-Healy will tabulate the results. OSFC will issue a report of findings by January 2010.

Jefferson County Public Schools: Jefferson Co., CO

DeJONG-RICHTER, as part of the Jacobs Team, is assisting Jeffco Public Schools in Colorado to develop a District Wide Facilities Master Plan [DWFMP] in order to support the Jeffco Strategic Plan and prepare for the next Capital Improvement Plan. The purpose of the DWFMP is to provide the basis by which Jeffco will:

  • Ensure facilities meet the needs of students & staff
  • Ensure safe learning and working environments
  • Ensure facilities are maintained

The DWFMP will provide recommendations for new school construction, school by school renovation budgets, alternative delivery strategies and/or campus consolidations and will be completed by March of 2010.

Jefferson County Public Schools website