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This is the project webpage for boundary creation process for Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy.  All materials related to this process will be posted on this website.


Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy will open in the Fall of 2016 as a new K-8th grade facility.  This process is intended to create boundaries for the new school while maintain a balenced enrollment in the other area schools and accounding for future growth.  A series of redisticting guildelines discussed by the School Board were used as guiding principles.

A steering committee composed of parents, school staff, and other volunteers convened three times to review background information and to develop a series of boundary options.  Three different boundary options were presented to the community for comment and feedback at a workship on January 20th, approximately 110 community members participated in the workship completing individual paper questionnairs and group concensus questionnaires.  All materials were posted on this website following the meeting and an online version of the questionnaire was avilable for 10 days.  The steering committee reviewed the feedback from the community and developed a reccomendation which was presented to the School Board by DeJONG-RICHTER on February 9th.

Recent Updates

Proposed Boundary Maps by school:

Alta Vista Zone
Citrus Ridge Zone
Eastside Zone
Horizons Zone
Lake Alfred-Addair Zone
Lake Alfred Elementary Zone
Loughman Oaks Zone
Shelley Boone Middle Zone

Boundary change recommendations associated with the opening of Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy were presented to the School Board on February 9th.  A follow up meeting will be held on March 15th at Ridge Community High School, an exact time is to be determined.

The following schools are impacted in the recommendation:

  • Alta Vista Elementary
  • East Side Elementary
  • Lake Alfred Elementary
  • Horizons Elementary
  • Loughman Oaks Elementary
  • Lake Alfred Addair Middle School
  • Shelley Boone Middle School

Click here to download the presentation

Click here to download the handout with detailed maps and tables

Click here to download the results report from the community workshop held on 21st.  All other Community Workshop materias have been moved to the community workshop page on this site.