maximize the use of data and community participation

Our goal is to empower them with the tools they need to make smart, practical decisions for their students on an ongoing basis.

Our Services

DeJONG-RICHTER positions school districts, states, and nations to develop quality learning environments through a systematic process that maximizes the use of data and community participation. Our goal is to empower organizations with the tools necessary to make smart, practical decisions for students.

  • Our educational facility plans are strategic in nature.  Each plan specifies long-term goals that positively impact the quality of education in a school district and build a better vision and future for the community.
  • We pioneered the use of Geographic Information Systems [GIS] in facility planning, and school  districts nationwide are realizing the enormous benefits.  GIS allows us to capture, store, update, analyze, and display all forms of geographic and demographic data.
  • Our Team believes that school planning must be an inclusive process.  It is a powerful opportunity for a school community to come together to determine how educational facilities can be an impetus for change and improvement for all stakeholders.  Development of a district’s facility plan requires the collaboration of educators, administrators, policy makers, community members, and facility experts.

The professional services offered by DeJONG-RICHTER include:

Capacity Studies
Community Engagement
and Consensus
Master Planning
Design Standards
and Guidelines
Educational Adequacy
Enrollment Projections
Facility Planning
Information Systems
Master Plan
Potential Land
Development Analysis
Redistricting and
Boundary Adjustments
Staff Training
Strategic Planning