Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Educational Planning process?


  • The primary purpose of this planning process is to ensure that Norfolk Public Schools (NPS) facilities have the ability to meet the division’s educational needs today and in the future. This will involve facilities adaptable enough to accommodate a variety of educational approaches and strategies.
  • The facility planning process is a systematic approach for making educational and facility decisions that will have a long-term impact for NPS.
  • Each level of the planning process is designed to build on the previous level, providing both the data and the means to promote joint decision-making.

Why is an Educational Planning process being done?


  • In order to protect our residents’ investment in our schools, we analyze the way we do business to ensure we deliver on the quality and efficiency our community expects, including our school buildings.
  • Norfolk Public Schools student enrollment is declining and managing this decrease has impacted our school buildings.

How will facility scenarios be explored and developed?


  • Scenarios will be explored and developed by reviewing and analyzing historical and projected district educational and facility information
  • Reviewing building condition information
  • Overlaying Educational Framework on individual schools
  • Soliciting input from Division Level and Task Force members