Welcome to the Duval County Public Schools Facilities Master Planning Project Website. This will serve as the source for all information related to the process to develop a multi-year Facilities Master Plan that meets the needs of Duval County's students, teachers and patrons. This site will be updated regularly throughout the process so please check back often for new information.

Facilities Scenario Community Presentations Scheduled

Duval County Public Schools is constructing a Facilities Master Plan to ensure all children experience an outstanding, productive learning environment.

Following up from the Facilities Condition Index study presented earlier this year, the consultant group Cooperative Strategies will present potential scenarios for Duval’s school buildings in each separate district. We encourage you to attend the meetings that cover your specific district where you live and/or your child attends school.

Presentations for each Board Member District will be posted immediately following each meeting listed below.  Community members will be able to provide feedback on the draft proposals using an online survey.  The online survey will be same survey made available to community members attending each meeting.

Please click here to see listing of DCPS schools indexed by Board Member District.

Introduction from Dr. Greene

Please click here to complete the online survey .  The video versions of the presentation will be embedded in the survey as they become available and can also be found below.

Board Member District Meeting Date/Time Location
District 1 (Grymes) March 18  6 p.m. Terry Park HS
District 2 (Andersen) March 18  6 p.m. Alimacani ES
District 3 (Smith Juarez) March 21  6 p.m. Englewood HS
District 6 (Joyce) March 21 6 p.m Ed White HS
District 5 (Jones) March 25  6 p.m. Raines HS
District 4 (Willie) March 26  6 p.m. Ribault HS
District 7 (Hershey) March 28  6 p.m. Mandarin HS

Agenda for Meetings

6-6:30 p.m. Consultant scenario presentation
6:30-6:45 p.m. How to submit feedback to the School Board through an online survey or paper process and next steps
6:45 p.m. Adjournment of presentation
6:45-8 p.m. Continued dialogue with consultants

Presentation Videos

District 1: 3/18/2019

District 2: 3/18/2019

District 3: 3/18/2019

District 4: 3/18/2019

District 5: 3/18/2019

District 6: 3/18/2019

District 7: 3/18/2019

Presentation PDFs

Click here to download District 1 Presentation

Click here to download District 2 Presentation

Click here to download District 3 Presentation

Click here to download District 4 Presentation

Click here to download District 5 Presentation

Click here to download District 6 Presentation

Click here to download District 7 Presentation