Steering Committee

The steering committee is made up of parents, teachers, principals, paras, instructional coaches, School Leadership Team members, and central office staff as well as representatives from the City, Decatur Housing Authority, Decatur Business Association, and the Decatur Education Foundation. The 32 members of the steering committee volunteered for service or were selected based on the neighborhood, organization, or school they represent.

Steering Committee Meeting #1 | 10/18/2017

  • At the first Steering Committee meeting, members were shown a presentation regarding the boundary change process as well as background information about the District. Both the presentation and the background data packet can be found in the Resources Tab. The group then completed an activity where they broke the District up into planning units, which will be used as puzzle pieces when looking at boundary options. No boundary options have been created at this point in the process.

Steering Committee Meeting #2 | 11/8/2017

  • At the second Steering Committee meeting, members were split into two groups and created boundary options. They used a real-time mapping system that allowed them to see the data associated with the maps that they created.

Steering Committee Meeting #3 | 12/11/2017

  • At the third Steering Committee meeting, members vetted through options that were created at the previous meeting. The committee decided upon five preliminary options to take forward to the community for feedback.