Facilities & Grade Configuration Process


Board of Education Work Session – Feb. 7

Steering Committee Meeting #1 – Feb. 20

The steering committee went over the process and timeline, as well as background data about the District.

Steering Committee Meeting #2 – March 2

The steering committee met to go over the options that were previously formulated by prior committees. The group weighed pros and cons of each option based on quantitative and qualitative data, and decided which options to move forward with and bring the community for feedback.

Community Meeting – March 13

A community meeting was held to gather feedback related to the options considered by the committee. Feedback was gathered through a survey. 221 community members attended the meeting. 75 surveys were collected from the meeting, and 1,108 surveys were collected online during the next two weeks.

Steering Committee Meeting #3 – March 30

The steering committee met for a final time to go over the results from the community survey. The committee decided to present two preferred options to the Board of Education meeting on April 11th, based on the feedback received from the community. The preferred options to be presented to the Board can be found below.

Board of Education Presentation – April 11