Grade Configuration Study, Spring 2017

Welcome to the City Schools of Decatur Facilities, Grade Configuration, and Redistricting Analysis Planning Project Website. This will serve as the source for all information related to the process. This site will be updated regularly throughout the process so please check back often for new information.

Click here to view the results of the final grade configuration survey (from 5/9 Board meeting)

From the Board of Education Agenda:

On Thursday, 3/30/17, the steering committee met to review community input on options 1A, 1B, and 2. After reviewing and considering all of the feedback received, the committee chose to recommend two options. The first option, which is the preference of the committee, is a new K-2/3-5 solution, and the second option is the K-3/4-5 option previously called "option 2." Details about these options are included in the linked PDF.

The committee will present these options at the April 11th Board meeting, along with a draft survey to gather additional feedback from the community on these two options. Following input from the Board, the survey will be shared with the community for approximately two weeks. The steering committee will then review feedback and bring a recommendation to the May 9th Board meeting. If the feedback is such that the committee's recommended option(s) are unchanged, it is hoped that the Board will vote on a final decision at the May 9th meeting. If there are significant changes, then another round of community input will be sought.

Click here to view the Board Presentation (4/11)