Data Review & Analysis: Cooperative Strategies will collect, review, and analyze data specific to the Carmel Clay School Corporation. This data includes enrollment projections, housing trends, school facility data, boundary data, and more.

Develop Preliminary Scenarios: A series of preliminary boundary scenarios will be created to generate feedback from focus groups.

Focus Groups: Focus groups, consisting of parents, community members, and CCS staff, will be presented with information about this process, background data, and the preliminary scenarios. These groups will be asked to respond to topics related to redistricting as well as the preliminary scenarios.

Refine Scenarios: The feedback collected during the focus group sessions will be used to improve upon any preliminary scenarios as well as create any new scenarios.

Community Meetings: The process, background information, and revised scenarios will be presented for community feedback at this meeting. All materials for this meeting will be available online prior to the meetings including background information, a voiced presentation, scenario maps, a school locator, and an online survey to collect feedback. In-person community meetings will occur November 4th and 5th in the Carmel High School Auditorium. Both meetings will be held from 7pm-9pm, and due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, attendance will be limited to 150 at each meeting.

Develop Recommendations: A recommendation will be developed based on the feedback received during the community meetings as well as the online survey.

Board Discussion & Action: The recommendation will be presented to the School Board for discussion on November 23rd. Action will be taken on December 14th.